Who are the Buds?

Dylan Winchell at USAU D1 College Championships 2023
The Buds are Cornell University’s top men’s ultimate frisbee team. Our program was created in 1973 making it one of the oldest college ultimate teams in the country. We look to combine our love of ultimate with an intense, competitive, and athletic practice and tournament regiment. Through this collective experience, the Buds not only find success on the field but also build lasting relationships that extend beyond our time at Cornell, but leave us Buds forever.

Who can join?

Tomer Poole-Dayan at USAU D1 College Championships 2021
Anybody can join the men’s ultimate program at Cornell! The Buds have a competitive tryout process that lasts several weeks at the beginning of the fall season. We look not just for technical disc skills but also for athleticism, collaboration, and energy so newcomers to ultimate are welcome! Our developmental team, the Shake, does not have tryouts, and anybody can play with them, ensuring that all who want to join Cornell Ultimate can. Please email the captains at buds@cornell.edu if you have any questions about the tryout process.

Practices / Tournaments

Ethan Lau at USAU D1 College Championships 2023
We practice 2-3 times a week during the Fall season, and add a track workout to our schedule every week during the Spring season.
We travel to tournaments all around the country, but in the Fall typically stay within the Northeast. During our fall season we usually go to 3-4 tournaments, and in the Spring we usually go to 4-6. In the past, we have gone to tournaments in California, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

About the Shake

Cornell Shake
The Shake offer an opportunity to play ultimate frisbee at Cornell for all players, as no players are cut from the Shake during tryouts. They also travel for tournaments throughout both the Fall and Spring seasons and practice 2 times a week. The Shake are a fantastic experience for those who want to play ultimate but cannot afford the time commitment that the Buds require. For any questions about the Shake feel free to email the Shake captains at shake@cornell.edu.

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.